Friday, 1 March 2013

Strathcona Scarf + Giveaway Winner!

And the winner of one custom skein of yarn and a signed copy of Jane Richmond's beautiful Island Collection is...... Maude (aka: thalia07 on Ravelry). Conrats! I'm going to send you a Ravelry msg stat! 

After posting about the Island Collection and my Strathcona Scarf in progress on Monday I got pretty jazzed about being able to wear my awesome new scarf and got right down to business finishing it. Just a few more nights of knitting was all it took. Voila! My new favourite spring scarf! Oh, and Voila! A giant belly!


I really can't say enough good things about this lightweight, versatile, transitional knit. I spend so much of my time knitting wooly winter gear, a light and springy piece is a refreshing change of pace. The 75/25 merino/silk blend is the perfect yarn for this project featuring just the right amount of sheen and drape. And of course I'm crazy about the colour. This "Almost Lucky Penny" is "almost" as good as the real Lucky Penny


I knit my scarf quite long, longer than the pattern specifies, and I'm not sure that was really necessary. If I wear it wrapped once like in the photo's above the ends hang way down below my waist. But it does offer me the ability to wear it wrapped twice like in the photo's below, which I really like. 


These photo's make me happy. I love my scarf and I love my baby. Happy weekend everyone! 


Ravelry project page here