Friday, 8 March 2013

Guernsey Square

About a month ago I asked my mom if she needed any yarn from me, I try to keep her busy with a steady stream of TFA knitting projects. She said no, that she couldn't focus on a new knitting project until after the baby shower. When I got off the phone with her I called my sister and ranted away because my mom was getting too worked up and stressed out over the shower, it was a month away and she was so focused on it that she didn't have any time to knit! My sister pretended to agree with me that mom was crazy and we left it at that. Little did I know that she was working on two secret knitting projects for me the whole time! Sneaky, sneaky. She completely fooled me, which was tough for her I know because we usually spend a lot of time talking about all the fun, crafty projects we're working on. I'm sure that keeping these secrets was not easy for her. But the surprise was so worth it! I had no idea she had been working on these knits and they blow me away!
First up is the Guernsey Square Baby Blanket that she knit in TFA Red Label in the Natural colourway. This blanket was created by modifying Jared Flood's Guernsey Triangle pattern into a square! I'm going to bug her to put good notes on exactly how she did that on her Ravelry project page.  Stay tuned for that! The Guernsey Triangle pattern was first published as part of the 2012 Year In Colour Club and done up in Red Label it is stunning! 
I happen to have a stack of knit and crocheted baby blankets that I've made myself, actually, there is one other that my mom knit for me, I'll have to blog about that one soon too! That woman is too prolific, I can't keep up! But all of my other blankets are DK weight and are bright and colourful. This fingering weight, neutral, textural blanket is really something special. Something different for those occasions when baby needs an elegant blanket. 
The nursery is coming together beautifully. Since these photos were taken I've added a lamp, a few more books and a bit more organization. We are almost there!