Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Baby Shower


I mentioned on Monday that my mom held the best baby shower ever for me over the weekend. We were spoiled with gifts, hugs and good company. I did my best to snap a few photos of the beautiful set up before everyone arrived, look at all the attention to detail! The food was ample and delicious. The sweets kept me going all afternoon, the touches of blue and yellow, the flowers, the cakes (one edible and one made of diapers!) the family heirlooms that mom pulled out (the basinette with the baby blankets) the knits hanging like valances in the windows, the baby photos of Chris and I scattered around the house. The whole thing was beautiful and amazing. 

Thanks mom! and dad, poor dad got kicked out for the party, but I know that he worked very hard getting the house ready for so much company!