Thursday, 28 March 2013

In case we have a girl!

Since we don't know whether this little baby I'm carrying is a boy or a girl we have amassed an absolutely beautiful collection of white, grey, cream, yellow, mint and seafoam baby clothes. Which is all fine by me because I love babies is soft, soothing colours. I feel like it makes them at least appear to be calm and serene (my baby will be calm and serene right?)
While we're in the hospital we've been advised to keep outfits simple, they told us that the last thing we'll want is a bag full of adorable dirty baby laundry to wash when we get home. However, I need at least one super cute knitted outfit to bring baby home in. I like to be ready for any baby knitting situation. If we have a girl, I want her to have something really pretty to wear home.
So, the other night I took survey of my baby knits and picked my Watercolour Blank Canvas as my "Baby Girl Coming Home Sweater". Then to turn it into an outfit I knit a hat and booties to match. I LOVE the hat. I think that the bow is almost too cute for words (it's a tiny version of Julie's Strada Headband bow and it's perfection). The booties are so tiny and squishy and I really hope that they fit. They may only fit for a week, but that's fine by me. They're a really quick knit (I may have cranked out 3 more pairs after I finished these) and I think that they're going to stay on baby's feet really well. 
This outfit, along with a coordinating onesie and pants are packed up in my hospital bag ready to go just "in case we have a girl". If we have a boy? Don't worry, I'll be ready for that too!

Sweater: Blank Canvas Baby Sweater by me!
Hat: Easy Peasy Newborn Sock Hat by Keri McKiernan
Booties: Oh! Baby Baby Booties by DoubleDiamondKnits

Yarn: TFA Blue Label Fingering Weight yarn in lots of leftover bits. 

Ravelry Project pages: Sweater, Hat, Booties