Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Let's have a pow-wow

Hello friends of TFA! I've got a few bits of official business to share with you today, come into my office and we'll have a business meeting ok?

Business issue #1: Signing up for the TFA Year In Colour Club!
  • Club memberships are available all year long, if you sign up in the middle of the year you'll receive all the previous months yarns in your first shipment (but you all know this already). Because people have been asking about this a lot I have come up with an official cut-off date that you'll need to sign up by in order to ensure that you get that months shipment. Be sure to join by the 10th of the month to ensure that you'll get your shipment asap! For example, sign up on March 9th and you'll receive your January and March Club yarns together in March, sign up on March 11th and you'll have missed the deadline for the March shipment and will be mailed your January and March Club skeins along with the next batch of shipments in May. I've added this info to the Clubs page on my website, but that page is getting pretty wordy so I wanted to make sure that I hit on it here too. 
Next on the agenda: Dipped Infinity Scarf kits are saying bye-bye!
  • The Dipped Infinity Scarf Kits will officially be retiring on March 8th, so you've got just over a week to decide if you can live without one!
Finally, the bit I'm most excited about: TFA Newsletter!
  • I'm always working on new things, colourways, patterns, kits... and want a fun and easy way to share all this good stuff with you. The answer: a TFA Newsletter! Sign up for the newsletter and receive updates about any new products, discontinued products, Etsy shop updates, you name it. I won't go crazy and spam your inbox with daily TFA news, but maybe about once a month or so if I've got something important to share you'll be sure to be among the first to know!

You can sign up right here in this blog post, on my website here, on the sidebar of my blog or simply by clicking this link

Business meeting adjourned!

psst: you've got until Friday to enter to win the Island Collection (and yarn!) giveaway.