Monday, 18 February 2013

Cadence Socks


The perfect socks. :) 'nuff said. 


Just joking, I have a little bit more to say about these beauties, and it's all good! The pattern (Cadence Socks by VeryBusyMonkey) was fun to knit and very well written. It was initially released as a mystery sock KAL, so the pattern is formatted in clues, which makes it really easy to follow. I knit my pair in my bright and saturated Jewel colourway. This pattern/yarn combo comes very highly recommended by me, in fact, my sister saw me working on these socks and liked them so much that she cast on for her own pair in the exact same colourway. Having bright toes really can be just the pick me up you need some days! 

Ravelry project page here


I'm sure you've noticed that I have another FO to share with you (the awesome giant puff in the photo above!) I'll have more details to share about this bad boy soon.