Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Mission - sort of accomplished

Last week I vowed that I would cast on for a ton of things and never be without a knitting project. My project manogamy was leaving me wanting more on the needles. I sort of achieved my goal, but apparently old habits dye hard. I cast on for these awesome socks on Thursday and knit on them pretty loyally throughout the weekend. Not sure that counts towards increasing the variety. The pattern is Cadence by VeryBusyMonkey, the yarn is TFA Blue Label in Jewel and so far I love EVERYTHING about these babies. :)


I managed to tear myself away from the socks long enough to start on this simple scarf that I intend to keep close by for my "brainless" knitting. Now that the pattern is well established it makes for perfect waiting room knitting. The yarn and colourway are both OOAK's. The pattern is Strathcona by Jane Richmond. Love it all. 


And just because variety is the spice of life I've thrown some crochet into the mix. I haven't touched this baby blanket in months, but it's so close to being finished. I think that if I devote a few nights to working on it I'll have another blanket to add to my stack of baby knits