Friday, 1 February 2013

This and That


A big box of TFA postcards was delivered the other day. I was unpacking the box and putting the cards away when I glanced at my desk and noticed that one of my piles had fallen over. Took my breath away. 

Did you know that Celtic Cast On is hosting a Business Casual KAL over on her blog? Cast on date is set for Monday. I think I'll be knitting mine in a rogue skein of Truffle that I have laying around. You should join! It's gonna be fun and there is a prize!

I've become the type of knitter who gets very focused on whatever project I'm working on. People often comment that I finish projects so quickly, and that's true, it's because when I start a project I usually work on it very faithfully until it's finished. Not always, but usually. I think that most knitter's have the opposite problem of always having a ton of WIP's on the needles and are always feeling like they're juggling so much. While I like my project monogamy, there is no worse feeling for me then the anxiety that hits when I cast off a WIP and then don't have another project lined up to get started on. This happened to me the other night. I finished a little something that I had been working on by around 9pm. I was definitely not ready to turn in for the night, but didn't have the mental capacity to make a critical decision about what to cast on for next. That would involve picking a pattern, picking a yarn, maybe swatching... all too much. I sat there, with valuable evening knitting time slipping away with nothing to do and I felt so lost. I've decided to never let that happen again. Yesterday I cast on for a pair of socks, I'll be starting another on Monday (for the Business Casual KAL), I have yarn and pattern lined up for a scarf I'll be starting on this weekend and I have a skein set aside for a baby sweater. Bring on the giant WIP basket!