Wednesday, 30 January 2013

my latest crafty obsession


Would you just look at these awesome cards!!! I'm obsessed. Completely. I was making them last night and I kept stopping to hold up my work, show it to Chris and proclaim: "Isn't this just the best thing ever!!??" He got tired of the excitement pretty quick, but I'm still not over it.


This adventure started a long, long time ago when I pinned this picture. The world of fancy paper cutting was completely foreign to me, I didn't even know it was an option. Until yesterday the fanciest cutting I had ever done was when I made my wedding invitations and used (and broke) a pair of scalloped edged craft scissors. Then, a few months ago, Michaels came to Quebec and my eyes have been opened to an overwhelming world of crafting options. 

Mom and I had a project to do that would be vastly improved if we added a fancy cut edging to it (more details on that project soon... hint: it may have involved making invitations to a certain someone's baby shower!) We picked up this "eyelet lace punch around the page" set from Martha Stewart Crafts. I also picked up a bunch of blank cards and a pack of multicoloured sticker paper (not for the shower invitation project, just for my own fun). Using the punch I cut out strips of colourful lacy paper, peeled off the backing and stuck them onto my cards. Voila!!! 


The results are so high impact and, in case you couldn't tell, make me very VERY happy.