Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Dove Petals

Ok gang, I think that this is officially the last FO I'll post from 2012, then we should be all up to speed and I can enter 2013 with the rest of the world!

Voila, Cascade by Raya Budrevich, knit in TFA Green Label Aran Weight yarn in the Dove colourway. This colourway is a perpetual favourite of mine and I really love it for this adorable pattern. The pattern is girly enough, the grey colour with shades of lavender and pink shining through adds a nice subtle touch. I think that the Green Label is probably the absolutely perfect base yarn for this pattern. The stitch definition is so crisp so those petals really pop out. 


I made a few mods to this pattern which I've done my best to detail on my Ravelry project page here. The original pattern is great, but in my opinion these simple mods take it over the top to perfect! 

Even though we don’t know wether we’re expecting a little girl or a little boy, I let myself indulge in this super sweet girly pattern to put in my “just in case it’s a girl” pile of knits. I’ve opted to make a larger size so if we don’t have a girl it will be the right size to gift to my niece Annika for her birthday! Win-win. I knit this sweater in one weekend, gotta love teeny, tiny aran weight knits. They just fly off the needles. 

I've had these buttons for a little while now, I picked them up thinking that they were sweet and would work well on a baby girl knit one day. I'm really pleased with how nicely they flow with the petals down the front of this cardigan.  


It seems as though every baby knit I make immediately becomes my new favourite, this one is no exception, it makes me giddy for all it's cuteness!