Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Happy Feet


There is lots of talk about how much knitting time one loses when she welcomes a baby into her life. I'm trying to prepare myself for that reality, but it's a tough pill to swallow. What I didn't realize was how much doctor's-office-waiting-room-knitting-time would be thrown my way during this pregnancy. My once monthly appointments, mingled in with occasional ultrasounds and blood tests have now been bumped up to once ever 2 weeks and soon will go to weekly. This all adds up to hours of time spent sitting in waiting rooms. Fine by me! I've got my knitting. I look around and see all the other people reading gossip magazines or playing games on their phones and think how much happier everyone would be if they were just knitting. It makes the time spent waiting feel like time spent being productive. 

These socks were knit over the last few months, most of the knitting was done in waiting rooms, and that's totally ok with that.

Ravelry project page here.