Thursday, 10 January 2013


Last night the strangest thing happened. I'm usually a very good sleeper (something I'm very grateful for) but last night I woke up at 1:45 am and stayed wide away until 5 am. I have no idea why. My eyes were open and I couldn't seem to close them. Then one thing led to another and my brain started working and the wheels started turning and I just couldn't shut down. I started thinking, worrying, fretting. Not about anything in particular or anything very worrisome. Then I got the best little wake up call, the baby got the hiccups! It was the most adorable thing ever and I just lay there with my hand on my belly for what felt like forever as my little babe bounced up and down to a quick little hiccup rhythm. I can't believe it, there is a real human person in there who gets the hiccups. What a thrill. 

I'm in my third trimester now, I still feel great and have a surprising amount of energy. My belly is getting rounder by the day and I'm loving every second that I spend admiring my ever changing profile in the mirror. My only complaint is that it's going by too fast. A few months ago when we found out we were expecting all I wanted was for these 9 months to rush by as quickly as possible so I could get to the end of the journey and come out the other side with my fresh little miracle. But now that it's actually happening I'm getting anxious about always looking forward and not taking the time to appreciate what's happening right now. Though I am super excited to meet my little boy or girl (and to stop calling my baby "the baby") my aim is to spend these next couple of months living in the moment and appreciating every little hiccup that baby offers me while he/she is still safe in my belly.