Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Random stuff on a Wednesday


Aren't these socks just gorgeous? I'm knitting them in my new Lucky Penny colourway for the Business Casual KAL that CelticCastOn is hosting. I'm knitting them for Chris, but he doesn't know it yet. I haven't knit him a new pair of socks since 2009!? Is that even possible? He wear's handknit socks all winter, so I guess I had knit him a few years supply back in the early days. Poor guy. I knit socks for  my dad and brother every Christmas and I always ask Chris if he needs a new pair. He always says no, but I think that he's just being polite. This pair is for him whether he wants them or not. I'm sure he'll love them. 

Snowfling Mitten Kits - I'm making them as fast as I can! I'm a little overwhelmed with the enthusiastic response to my new mitten kits. I'm having a bit of a hard time keeping up with the demand but I think that another few days of kit madness should get me pretty well caught up. To anyone who is waiting for a kit, it's coming! While we're on the topic of kits, I'm just about ready to discontinue the Dipped Infinity Scarf kits, they've had a good run, but it's time to make room for something new! I don't know exactly what day I'll take them off the market, but consider this a heads up!

And because things aren't crazy enough when you're about 6 weeks away from the biggest life change ever (baby!) Chris and I have embarked on a major renovation project. Yipee! Remember how before we built the studio in our back yard we used to dye every single skein of yarn in our dingy basement laundry room? I never shared pictures because it was far from glamorous. Well, we made the move out to the new and vastly improved studio, which is awesome but which also left our basement laundry room in pretty terrible condition. Since "new baby" is pretty much synonymous with "lots of laundry" we decided that we needed to fix up the laundry room before the baby arrives. And by "fix up" I mean completely tear apart our entire basement and re-build the whole thing! 

So, when this super pregnant lady needs a break from all the sawing, hammering, drilling and god knows what else they're doing down there that's making so much noise, those perfect Business Casual socks are exactly what I need!