Saturday, 8 January 2011


Remember that pretty red handspun I shared earlier this week? When I set out to spin that batt I had high hopes that the resulting yarn would be a lovely, gradual shift in tones, kind of Noro-esque, and that it would be somewhere around a worsted or aran weight so I could use it for the yoke of a sweater. As luck would have it, it worked! In the past most of my spinning was just for fun, and because I couldn't really control the thickness of my handspun I would spin first, and come up with a project for it later. This new approach of spinning with a purpose in mind is very exciting, it's definitely more of a challenge, but also very rewarding when it all works out!

handspun yoke sweater

I was working very steadily and quickly along on my sweater when I got derailed. I only have 1 1/2 sleeves left to knit and then I will have a new sweater, but in the past week I've only managed to knit a couple of rows. The reason? This pile of cotton yarn arrived at my doorstep earlier this week.

elann sonata

I've been wanting to try my hand at crocheted potholders for a long time now. I even mentioned it in an earlier post, I was very inspired by last year's potholder swap and all the gorgeous crocheted yumminess I was seeing pop up all over the internet. I ordered a variety of colours of Elann Sonata and after several failed attempts I finally got the hang of it.


I'm using the potholder pattern by Bea Aarebrot, and I can't seem to stop cranking them out. Truthfully, I think I need more colours, I'm not thrilled with the colour combo's that I'm able to put together with my little stash. When I placed my order Elann had 36 colourways in stock, but I plan on stalking the site until more colourways become available so I can get more dynamic combinations. I need more brights, a poppy turquoise, a sunny yellow, bright orange, zesty lime, hot pink, then I'll really be cooking with fire!