Monday, 17 January 2011

Most special scarf of all!

I can't believe that I forgot to include this scarf, my most special scarf of all, in my last post about my favorite scarves. I feel so stupid, because I love this scarf! I fell head of heels in love with this print the first time I saw it on Jenna's blog. The scarf is by Jenna Rose and is available in her shop. I love all Jenna's print's but there is just something about this woodland animals print that makes me crazy happy.

I don't know what detail I like the most... I'm particularly fond of deer, (maybe because I think that Stella looks like a baby deer) but squirrels hold a special place in my heart too (which is odd because Stella has caught a couple squirrels in her day and it's always terrible and gory, you'd think it would have ruined squirrels for me.)

I'm taking the very wise advice that a couple of commenters left on my last post when I said that wearing scarves was hipster, and am instead going to think of scarves as very French. It's just that it seems like every time I go to the mall or to Starbucks or any other place where young people hang out (that sentence made me sound very old) I see gaggles of teenage girls wearing leggings (which I don't believe qualify as pants, worn with a long/appropriate top, great! Worn with a tiny tank and you're just out in public with no pants on) and giant scarves. So I've unfortunately come to associate scarves with that look. But no more! Now I'm going to think the scarf as the very chic, Parisian inspired accessory that it is. My Saroyan is more than half way done at this point. I'm hoping to have it off the needles and blocked by the end of the week.

I thought it would be nice to share a corner of my living room with you. Our house is no where near 'done', every once in a while I sew a pillow, paint furniture, DIY a headboard or re-arrange some art. It's a definite work in progress but there are corners that I quite like. Like this one:

Chris and I built that turquoise "blanket ladder" in the corner. I wanted something to display my ever expanding collection of knitted and quilted blankets. I have several and plan on making more and it seemed like such a waste to hide them away in the linen closet when we weren't using them. I looked at a flea market for an old ladder that we could prop up in the corner to display the blankets but in the end I couldn't find any that were the right scale or proportion, so we built this wide ladder, painted it blue and now I've got tons of space to hang my neatly folded blankets. 

The oak hutch was a great find at an estate sale last spring. The objects scattered above are mostly temporary until I find a permanent home for them. 

The painting on the left is a piece I did in high school, I still love the colours but I'm not as fond of the subject matter anymore. The photograph of the crocheted rocks was purchased at the Resurrection Fern Etsy shop, I love it and think that it will look great in my bathroom some day (once the bathroom is renovated that is). Next to the photo is a little card with a picture of a little whippet (or maybe an italian greyhound) with a cast on it's leg, it's the saddest but cutest image ever. Chris wants to frame it, so it's out on display until we get around to making that happen. The books are my beautiful collection of Penguin Classics and are too lovely not to be on display. The little painting in front of the books was a gift from my friend and favorite artist Sara Caracristi (blog, website, etsy shop). The photo on the left is a fave from our engagement shoot last year, and the beautiful crystal decanter was a housewarming gift.