Sunday, 16 January 2011

New perfect scarf plans

I know that it's incredibly hipster of me, but I've become extremely fond of the whole scarf as accessory look. I think it might stem from my deep and undying love of turtlenecks. I got this turtleneck love from my mom, she's always wearing one. My sister got the turtle neck gene too. When I was in high school my taste in pants tended toward the very tight and the very wild. I had leopard print pants, several pairs of leather pants, a pair of very bright orange velvety jeans.  My taste in skirts was equally bright and short, the hilarious thing about my whole esthetic (well, the whole thing is pretty hilarious actually, but one of the most hilarious parts) is the fact that I had a coordinating turtleneck for each crazy outfit. My leopard print pants were matched to a black turtleneck, I had a white one for my red leather pants. A pair of burgundy leather pants went with a turquoise turtleneck, my bright turquoise mini-skirt went with a grey turtleneck. I was out of control!  

Anyways, I still have a lot of those crazy pants, and the scary thing is that they still fit. The leopard  print pants may come in useful for a Halloween costume one year... So, bottom line, I love turtlenecks, and when I'm not wearing one (or even sometimes when I am) I am often wearing one of my favorite scarves to compensate. 

The two scarves pictured above are the two that I grab the most. They are both light, both in weight and in colour, are airy, and add just enough warmth and coziness without being stifling. I love them both, and I will definitely continue to wear them both, but I felt that I needed a new scarf to add to the mix, one that was knitted. So I rooted through my stash to find a yarn that would knit up into a light and wearable scarf and very quickly decided on these two gorgeous skeins of Koigu (that link is for a shop that I saw had lots of Koigu colourways, I couldn't seem to get the Koigu website itself to work) in colourway P118.  

Koigu kpppm P118

I have cast on for a Saroyan scarf. I plan on making it quite thin and long, just like my inspiration scarves.