Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year! And a very BLUE Giveaway!

Here we are, 2011! Let's start off with a bang shall we? How about a giveaway? Sounds good to me!

Leave a comment on this post to enter to win one skein of TFA Blue Label Fingering Weight yarn in this very yummy BLUE colourway: 

What better way to start off the year? I love blue. A winner will be announced on Tuesday, January 4th, which also happens to be Chris' birthday!

But if by some crazy twist you are not as mad about blue as I am, have no fear, I've just added several non-blue skeins of yarn to my one of a kind Etsy shop!

This bunch of Purple Label Cashmere Sock yarn in this very interesting brown/purple/pink combo will be very difficult to part with. So hard that I had to put one skein aside just for me. The other 4 are up for grabs though!

I'm also rather fond of this batch of DK weight yarn in Dark Sunset. The name says it all, it was supposed to be my Sunset colourway, but I went amiss somewhere and got this luscious, darker, more uniform version instead. It would make a great pullover.

I've got some new spinning to share with you later on next week, which inspired me to list some roving in the shop as well. I really like this braid in the Rhythm colourway. I wish I could dye roving's more often, they are so fun and squishy and are a joy to spin, but are just too labour intensive for me right now.

Here's to starting off the new year on the right foot. With blue yarn in hand of course.