Friday, 31 December 2010

Last post

I've said it over and over again this year, 2010 was a massive and amazing year for Chris and I. I've been reading all of my favorite blogs the past couple of days, loving all of the year-in-review posts detailing the high-lights and the low-lights of the year, I feel like I too should do a roundup, but right now, after the chaos and delight of the holidays, I am just too overwhelmed at all of our good fortune to sit and write it all down. I need a bit of time to think about it, let it sink in and then maybe I'll be able to sum it all up in one tidy post. 

Instead, for today, this last day of this amazing year, I'll leave you with this lovely photo of piles and piles of a custom Valentines day colourway I recently shipped off to a new retailer. I love that this colourway is sweet and romantic without being over the top red or hot pink. I did a little interview for the stores blog over the holidays that was posted today, feel free to pop on over and have a look! 

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by the blog over the past year to see what we've been creating. Chris, Stella and I are eternally grateful that there are so many wonderful and supportive knitters out there. See you all next year!