Friday, 14 January 2011

Always a WIP

We've got another busy weekend planned. We're going to do a little bit of dyeing, hopefully a lot of cooking which will result in plenty of leftovers for the week, but hopefully most of our time will be spent working on our ongoing WIP, the website.

I love our website. We put so much thought into how exactly we wanted it laid out, what would be the simplest, clearest and most effective way for people to shop. I put lots of time and energy into my yarn portraits, but that was over a year ago... and sadly, my photo skills, nor my camera, were quite where I wanted them to be. I'm still not an expert photographer, but I think I've gotten better. And so now, it's time to take on the daunting task of re-photographing all of my yarns, 6 bases, 31 colourways (plus 8 multi's in the Blue Label!) that's 194 shots. This will certainly be an ongoing project, but hopefully the website will be the better for it. 

Wish me luck!