Tuesday, 21 January 2014

TFA Office - Before

The title of this post gives it all away... I'm finally giving my office the revamp that I've wanted to for the past *almost* 4 years! I can't believe that we've lived in this house that long, wow. This space is one of the main reasons we bought this house. It's a large room off the garage with direct access to the backyard (and studio) and is completely separate from the rest of the house. Even the ventilation is not connected, which is a big plus when you're dealing with such a fiber-filled space. 

This room has so much potential and I've always felt like it's current set up feels and looks very temporary. It's time to remedy that. Here is a list of things that I hope to address over the next couple of weeks:

  • lighting - the lighting is so bad that it makes it very difficult to work in here at night, which is a big problem since I often need to sneak in a few more hours of work after Rowan goes to bed.
  • paint - the walls are a light grey, I need them to be a bright white! Plus there are a few other details that I'd like to touch up, like painting the dingy doors that lead to the backyard and garage a fresh pop of colour.
  • shelving - all of my shelving for yarn storage was just thrown together with stuff that we had when we moved (and then there are those glamorous cardboard boxes stacked in the corner... oy!) Other than the desk, we haven't purchased a single thing for this room in 4 years. I'd like to get shelving that works and makes sense for once.
  • flooring - the sage green carpeting was stained when we moved in and has developed lots more mysterious stains since we've taken over. We trek indoors and out through this space all day, carpet is definitely not the right material for how we use this space. Not to mention the fact that no amount of vacuuming in the world would get the carpet clean enough to make me feel comfortable putting Rowan down on it. 
  • Inspiration - this room is totally lacking artsy character. I'm envisioning a proper inspiration board, more beautiful display, better organization... a space that makes id