Tuesday, 10 August 2010

TFA Tuesday - Chris' first knit

I can't tell you how proud I am of Chris. While on vacation he knit his first hat, and he liked it! He's already planning many more knits for this Fall/Winter knitting season. I'm knocking on wood that this isn't just a phase and that he has really caught the knitting bug!

Without further ado, here is Chris' first knit, and this weeks TFA Tuesday inspiration knit!

Chris knit Brooklyn Tweed's Turn a Square hat in TFA Green Label in Moss and some left over Kureyon scraps I had laying around. He picked the colours, he gets full credit for this project. I simply helped if he asked me to and let him be when he was in the zone. In knitting this hat Chris learnt how to cast on, do ribbing, M1 stitch, knit jogless stripes, k2tog, ssk, knit in the round on circular needles and on dpn's and weave in ends. He's mastered it all and plans to tackle a sweater next. Congrats Chris!

His hat was a big hit with my family at the cottage, everyone wanted to try it on, and I think it looked great on everyone! Doesn't my parent's dog Chase look adorable in it? It looks almost natural!

And then there's poor little Stella, hats just don't suit her tiny little head.