Sunday, 29 August 2010

Purple Scraps Scarf

Thanks to everyone who has left a comment on my last post to enter the giveaway! I've learnt of a couple fabulous new-to-me shawl patterns thanks to you all! I'll be excepting comments until Friday, Sept. 2nd so if you haven't entered yet what are you waiting for!?

Despite my long post detailing all my current WIP's and all that I'd like to finish up sooner rather than later, my brief window of success after finishing up my new favorite Sweetheart Socks was quickly replaced by my weakness in the face of startitis.

I finished up my socks, grafted the toe shut and then went to toss the leftover yarn in my sock yarn scraps vase (yes, I keep all my leftover scraps of sock yarn in a lovely decorative vase that adds a touch of yarny, colourful goodness to any space!) Instead of just tossing the little ball of red yarn in among the rest, I decided that it was time to peruse the scraps and see what my collection currently consisted of. I have a ton of leftover sock yarn... I knit a lot of fingering weight yarn projects and have tiny little feet, so I always have yarn leftover! I started grouping my leftovers according to colour, 'cuz thats how my mind works, and I became rather fond of this particular grouping.

Purple scarps scarf

Nice, pretty, little purple and pink balls of yarn. Funny, because I didn't think that I knit that much in this colour scheme, but apparently I've knit plenty of purple/pink projects.
Some go waaaaaay back to years ago when I first started knitting socks (those two mismatched socks in the bottom right of the above photo were among my firsts. Pre-TFA and pre'-blog for sure!) With my perfectly coordinating collection of scraps I quickly cast on 500 stitches (well, as quickly as I could!) and started a simple linen stitch scarf. I'm not using a pattern, but I'd say that it's going to look something like this. Its so satisfying to be using up all these leftovers!

Purple scarps scarf