Tuesday, 3 August 2010

TFA Tuesday - Carolynh's Willoughby

In keeping with last week's TFA Tuesday theme of lace knit with non-lace weight yarn, I've chosen a DK Lace scarf project to inspire you all this Tuesday!

This is Carolynh's Willoughby (project page) knit in TFA Yellow Label DK weight yarn in the Sand colourway. You can find Carolynh here on Ravelry and here on her blog.

I get a special kind of thrill when I see such a gorgeous pattern knit up in my humble yarn. Jared Flood is such a talented designer, he can pretty much do no wrong, and it is always inspiring for me to see one of his beautiful designs come to life with my yarn. This scarf would definitely fill a gap in my wardrobe, a warm, cozy, but stunning scarf to wear in the colder months.