Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Wrap it up!

I feel like my knitting mojo needs to kick it up a notch. I'm knitting, not as much as I'd like to be since most of my time these days is fully taken by show prep, but nevertheless I'm still knitting yet somehow have nothing to show for it! I need a good FO to make me feel like I'm back on track. Here's a little run down on what I've been working on.

First up, socks! I've got 2 pairs of socks on the needles right now, both have been WIP's for months! The red Sweetheart Socks were started on Valentines day, and the maroon socks were cast on at the end of May. Good news is I finished one of the maroon socks last night! So at least I have that small victory. I have only the heel and foot of my second Sweetheart sock to finish off the pair, then I'll feel like I really accomplished something. I love those pretty socks and can't wait to show them off, I have no idea why they are taking so long. My goal for this week is to finish them!

Next up, another red knit, my bamboo Shedir. I started this hat while on vacation this summer, and sadly, I just don't think its a good match of yarn to pattern. I love the yarn, its soft and shiny and a beautiful shade of red, but all those cables in the hat pattern call for a yarn with more stretch. I haven't frogged it yet, but its only a matter of time. Don't you hate it when that happens?


I've been working on a little cardigan out of my Purple Label Cashmere sock yarn in the Deep Sea colourway. I swatched for it earlier this summer and love the swatch (done in Velvet).

My goal is to knit a light, throw-it-on-with-anything cardigan inspired by the look and feel of this little number. My problem with this knit is that I don't have 100% confidence in myself. I'm not positive that I'm clever enough to pull it off. I'm not working from a pattern, I just swatched and then did some calculations and have a plan, but its all very experimental and I'm new to this designing thing. I think my issue is that I'm getting close to where I'll have to start the sleeves... knitting a body is one thing, but then fitting in sleeves gets a little more complicated. Hopefully I'll muster up the courage (and faith in myself) to plow on. I really want this to work out! A cashmere cardigan would be so nice to wrap myself up in!

Of course I'm still picking up my hook and churning out a couple more circles when the mood strikes. This project is nowhere near the finish line, but it is coming along nicely.

Crocheted circles!

I've got one last project on my needles, this was a real spur of the moment decision. I've owned this Patons pattern booklet for a couple of years now and have had my eye on this Reindeer coat. I'd love to be able to wear it with jeans and boots for autumn walks in the forest with the dog. While I was on vacation this summer we went into town one day and this yarn was staring me in the face, and was on sale! I picked my colours (very similar to the ones used in the pattern, but instead of charcoal I'm using a purply-brown) bought the yarn and brought it all home with me.

Reindeer Coat

I completed the back in one day. This chunky yarn thing sure is satisfyingly speedy! I've knit half of one of the fronts and am not worried about having put it down for a while. I'm sure I'll pick it up again as soon as the air starts to get a little crisper and I can actually picture the day that I'll be able to wear it.

reindeer coat

So, there you have it. A round up of projects. Hopefully soon I'll have a round up of FO's to share! I'd love to knock a couple of these WIP's off the list of things to do. Its funny how I can get so excited about the start of a new project and can't wait to cast on, and then as soon as I do, all I want is to be able to cast off and call it finished. I just love checking things off that list!