Tuesday, 24 August 2010

TFA Tuesday - Pfong001's pretty little girl cardigans

When I saw these next two cardigans pop up on Ravelry I was immediately smitten. I love the use of bold colour for kids, the cute accent buttons and those girls! They are just so pretty! Since I can't chose a favorite, I've decided to feature them both this week.

This week's talented knitter is pfong001. Here is the Tiny Tea Leaves Cardi knit in TFA Green Label in four bold and beautiful colours, Orange Blossom, Royal Flush, Peacock and Jewel. (Ravelry project page here.)

Next up is the always adorable February Baby Sweater knit in TFA Green Label in Peacock. (Ravelry project page here.) I've knit this sweater a couple times myself, but always in wee sizes for a tiny baby, seeing it knit for a 3 year old makes me want to make a bigger one for my almost 5 year old God-daughter. And those buttons! Such a nice touch.

Both sweaters feature these super cute, bold, tri-coloured flower buttons and I really think that they are what take these sweaters way over the top for me. I always think that buttons can take a knit from ok to really special if you think outside the box and put in a little bit of extra effort.

Knitting for kids is one of my favorite types of knitting. There is so much freedom to have fun with colour, shape and details. And when they look as happy to wear and show off their hand knit sweaters as these two cuties do, it's so rewarding too!

*images by pfong001 on Ravelry.