Monday, 31 May 2010

Colourwheel Quilt

Tada! I love this quilt. The second I bought Joelle Hoverson's beautiful book Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts, and first flipped through the pages, I fell in love with this quilt and knew that I had to make one for my own home. Soon after, I bought the kit and made the quilt top. I loved it every step of the way. The thing is, that was about 3 years ago! This quilt has laid in the shadows for the longest time, and for one good reason: Stella.

The quilt in the book is designed to be a wall hanging. I made mine to fit a twin bed so I could put it on my day bed and have it be the star of the room. But then Stella came along, and she claimed the day bed. I wouldn't risk having my pretty, but often dirty-pawed dog muck up my crisp white quilt. When we bought the house I got giddy about the quilt again, I thought that finally I would be able to make up the day bed with it because we would be putting the day bed in a little bedroom upstairs and Stella would have no reason to hang out in there. Stella always sits wherever we're sitting. She likes to be close to us, finally, my quilt would have its moment. But apparently the damage has been done, Stella has some sort of unbreakable bond with the day bed. The other night after dinner instead of joining me on the sofa Stella marched straight upstairs and installed herself on the day bed for a bit of evening relaxation. I coudn't believe it!

So, as a compromise I've decided to hang the quilt over the end of the bed. I've made up Stella's day bed with her other, less precious blankets, and the colourwheel quilt stands by at a safe distance.
It sure did look pretty for that one day it was allowed to shine in all its glory as a bedspread! Maybe some day I'll lighten up a bit and accept the fact that quilts are meant to be used and so what if Stella messes it up a bit, it can be washed right?