Thursday, 6 May 2010

Have a great weekend!

All I have left to do is pack some clothes into my weekend bag and I'm officially all ready to go to the Frolic!

We've updated the website with new patterns, colours and yarns. We've spent weeks, maybe even months planning and dyeing and generally preparing for this weekend. We've got bags and bags (and bags!) of yarn to cram into the van we're picking up tonight. And now all we can do is cross our fingers and hope that all goes well and that we haven't forgotten anything!

I am very excited to see in person the new pullover design that Glenna has done for me. I've gotten to see snippets of it in photos as she was working on it and the Royale Pullover has looked awesome every step of the way. Now that it's ready for prime time I am beside myself excited about how awesome it looks! Modern, fitted, fashion forward, a real wearable and stylish piece of impressive knitting. Come by my booth and visit this stunning sweater (along with other awesome samples) on Saturday.

I'll be away from my computer all weekend, so there won't be any blog updates, but I'll be back early next week with a full recap of my Frolic experience!

And..... here is some crochet! I can't stop. I'm making a blanket. I plan on making about a hundred more of these little circles in squares..... wish me luck!