Sunday, 23 May 2010

Adjusting well

Stella, Chris and I are all adjusting very well to "life in the country". Technically, we're in the suburbs, but the yard, the parks, the trees, the garden and the silence all make it feel very much like a country retreat. We still don't believe that this is our new life. We feel like we're just playing house and we're going to have to give it all back at the end of the long weekend.

We survived the move. Thank goodness for the help of friends and family! We were able to move just about everything we own for our home and business in one day, and we even got a head start on unpacking and organizing a few things. We have my mom to thank for that. I was ready to call it a day but she reminded me that we would feel so much better if we did just a little bit more sorting before bed and were able to wake up to a house in only a moderate state of chaos instead of a full blown mess.

We've already gotten our hands good and dirty pulling weeds and planting a few blooms in the garden. We are definitely learning as we go. The other day I spent the afternoon weeding only to then walk through a nursery and spot several of the lovely species that I had just pulled out!

Though things went smoothly, and we're all very happy to be in our new house, I am really looking forward to getting settled in our house for a nice, long time. No more moving for at least a couple of years now.