Wednesday, 26 May 2010


I love my little garden. I hope to some day be an avid gardner, but for now I'm content to just admire the pretty little surprises that pop up in my garden every day. Since I don't really know what anything is, just about everything is a surprise! Chris and I were particularly curious about a big, fuzzy plant that was growing in the garden in the front of the house, I thought that maybe it was an out of control weed, but then this morning I walked out and looked at the garden and look at the beautiful blossom!

It looks like it's made of tissue paper! So delicate and fine. And the bright orangey-red opens up to this dark, ebony center.

Such a strange flower. But so beautiful. I have these in the back garden as well, and both front and back garden plants are loaded with buds that are all about to pop, I suspect I'll wake up one morning this week and all they will all be in full bloom!

I finished a pair of socks last night, and I also have a couple of quilts to share, so I'll have some actual crafty content again soon.