Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Frolic 2010!!!

The 2010 DKC Knitter's Frolic was a blast! I had big plans for this year, a double booth, a new yarn, five new colours... all very exciting. We brought a ton of yarn!!! We took all the back seats out of our rented van, except for one, after all, Lilia needed somewhere to sit, and then we stacked bags and bags of yarn until we couldn't stack anymore!

We were pretty proud of ourselves. It was a big job. I wasn't convinced that it would all fit, but fit it did, though it was pretty tight!

Chris had to stay home with the dogs (ours and my parents since dad was out of town) so Lilia came along to help with the heavy lifting, and to make it a true Lavallée girls weekend.

We had a pretty good game plan, after all, this is our third show and each one is a huge learning experience, so we knew what we had to do. Set up was a bit of a chore, so many skeins to organize in rainbow formation, because really, is there any other way to organize yarn? After a couple hours of assembling shelves, unpacking yarn, stacking, hanging, draping and sorting, we were done!

Besides the new yarn, there were two major additions to our show display this time, the standard, white ikea shelving units, perfect for yarn display, and the white peg board that we call "the wall of silk". Check out this awesome photo of it from cosmicpluto.

Having the double booth allowed for much better flow, it was a lot less congested and people were able to walk around easily.

All in all, we had a wonderful weekend! We stayed with family and took an extra day to make a trip to Hamilton for the afternoon to visit a friend (and bridesmaid!) of mine where I was surprised with a mother's day bridal shower. It was awesome, I was spoiled, I feel so lucky!

And to top it all off, my little sister Lilia found out that she has been accepted into McGill med school! Congrats Lilia! I never doubted that she would get in, but she was very happy to have it made official. The only down side is I expect she'll be a little too busy from now on to help me out at shows like this. I'm glad she was with us this time and got to witness first hand what this knitting madness is all about.

A huge thanks to everyone who stopped by my booth to say hi and share your wonderful TFA knits with me. Getting to meet my customers in person is definitely my favorite thing about doing shows like this!