Tuesday, 17 September 2013

TFA Tuesday - Warm-Hearted Mittens

Top Tier Knitter/designer: Rose Hiver
Ravelry Pattern page here
Yarn: TFA Purple Label in Velvet & Gold and Royal Flush & Frost.

I am a big fan of Rose Hiver's gorgeous colourwork designs. Her Ravelry patterns store is full of stunning sock and mitten stranded knitting patterns. Her latest design, her Warm-Hearted Mittens is published in the most recent edition of Knitty and they are a knockout. My favourite design in this issue for sure. I love the crisp geometric patterning, and the colours she's chosen... both versions are beautiful. I can't decide which I like best. It kind of feels like the sort of pattern that I should knit as a gift. How nice would it be for someone I love to open a box containing these awesome cashmere sweetheart mitts?