Thursday, 26 September 2013

Never too much of a good thing

I've talked before about how I tend to be very monogamous with my knitting. I think it's because I'm obsessive. I start one project and then get fixated on it until it's finished. Usually, that results in always finishing up my WIP's pretty speedily. When you've got a one track mind and are goal oriented you can turn a WIP into an FO in a flash! I rarely get bored or tired of my projects, probably partly due to the fact that I don't let them linger. A languishing WIP is the worst. 

However, sometimes even a clever girl like me throws all reason aside and casts on for every project she can think of! See that sparkly skein up there? Well, despite already having 2 other projects on the needles I cast on for a gorgeous shawl with that beauty last night. I've been giving lots of sneak peeks at this new sparkly base that we've been experimenting with, and I couldn't just keep fawning over it without knitting something with it. You may recognize that colourway as one of my faves from the last Etsy Update, it's Tartan! And it's beautiful. I'm still not over it, it's still a fave. So as you can see, I've got a new yarn in a new colour, both that I'm crazy about and both that I can't wait to share with you all soon. I'm cooking up some exciting stuff for October. It's no big secret, there will be a big glitzy Etsy update in October. More details to come. 
This is my Oshima in progress. To be honest, it's kind of a toss up between this project and my new sparkly project. I love them both dearly. If I could knit on them simultaneously I would. I've got 2 sleeves and a few inches of body done on my Oshima. The fabric is dreamy. This sweater will be fabulous and has inspired me to come up with more projects featuring this yarn combination. 1 strand Blue Label + 1 strand Red Label = heavenly. 
And then there is this hat. It's my Aberdeen Ave. Hat, my second project in the TFA Urban Collection KAL. With my mitts completed last week I cast on for the coordinating hat. This project comes in the car with me, gets a few rows knit while Rowan is otherwise occupied in his jolly jumper, and is a quick and satisfying knit. The pink colourway is a OOAK from an Etsy update long ago. It's very pretty. I think it was Perfect Pink. I like it.