Thursday, 12 September 2013

Knitting Plans

I'm all set to cast on for my TFA/Urban Collection KAL project. I'm going to be knitting the Aberdeen Ave. Mitts in Green Label Natural and Seabreeze (left over from my Modified Beatnik). I'll do Natural cuffs and Seabreeze mitts, they'll be fabulous! If all goes well I might try and sneak in a coordinating Aberdeen Ave. Hat too. If I do the hat I'll use a different main colour though, Natural ribbing and maybe a bright Lemongrass hat? I'm not sure who I'm knitting these for... maybe me, maybe a gift? 
And because I fell madly in love with this pattern the moment I saw, it I'll also be casting on for a new sweater in the near future. Jared Flood's new Oshima pattern from BT Fall 13. I love everything about it. The casual fit, the amazing shoulder construction, the fact that it's knit on 6.5m needles (yes!) using two strands of fingering weight yarn held together. To mix things up a bit I'm going to knit mine using one strand of Blue Label in Charcoal and one strand of Red Label in Stormy. Yup, it's going to be lush and awesome. I swatched with the two yarns held together and the resulting fabric is amazing. The Blue Label lends brawn and the Red Label lends beauty. I wouldn't usually recommend using Red Label for a sweater, but I think that this combination is just the ticket!