Monday, 30 September 2013

Club - September 2013

The September installment on the 2013 Year In Colour Club was the first time we've featured a worsted weight yarn. This month the packages contained one luscious skein of Orange Label Cashmere/Silk Worsted weight yarn in the Mosaic colourway. Until now our focus has been on featuring bases with lots of yardage, but this time of year, when everyone is so busy, a quick worsted weight project is just the ticket! 
I've been experimenting with unexpected layers of colour recently. I'm fascinated by what happens when you layer blue over orange or yellow. In normal watercolour rules, yellow plus blue would equal green, but when you add in a wool/cashmere/silk yarn base and then experiment with setting the dye instantly upon application you can get some pretty rad results. The Mosaic colourway is one of those really neat colours that has a little bit of everything and can't be boxed into one category. 
I designed the Framed Slouched for this skein. The combination of crisp twisted stitches and cushy cables is both flattering and extremely comfortable. The perfect thing to knit going into fall!