Thursday, 19 September 2013

Stained Glass for the win!

Stained Glass - Red Label
When I posted a photo of my lovely swatch on Monday and asked the blog how you all thought I should solve my dilemma, one very clever reader left a comment that really hit home. 

Gina wrote: "For what it's worth, I think you should try to recreate the OOAK. After all, I would have to imagine that creating your own custom colourways on a whim to be one of the greatest perks of your career ;)"

And you know what? Gina is totally right, and I needed to be reminded of that. I got into dyeing in the first place because I am obsessed with colour. Creating new colourways that I am excited about brings me more joy than is probably reasonable. I spend way too much time these days worrying about the business end of TFA. And though it's obviously very important, equally so is the creative side of things. One of my hesitations about going forward with the Stained Glass option was that it would take a few batches to recreate the colourway just right, and since we can only dye and dry a finite amount of yarn each day, dyeing for selfish projects always gets de-prioritized. Once in a while though, I'm going to allow myself to dye purely for my own entertainment! Have no fear, I'm happy to share my selfish dyeing with you all too. We've nailed down a recipe for Stained Glass, so stay tuned to find out how to get yourself a skein. 

Next up, maybe I'll work on recreating this beauty?

Delightful - Red Label