Thursday, 6 October 2011

My dog is my BFF


In the town near my cottage there is a really cool second hand clothing store that can be a lot of fun to visit on rainy days. My cousin is a pro at finding rare gems in the bins of clothing. She seems to have passed on her gift for thrift to her daughter, because this summer 5 year old Abby found not one, but TWO t-shirts that proudly have written across the front: My dog is my BFF! I love it! I wish I had a shirt that said that. 

But since I don't, I'll settle for a matching handspun dog sweater/hat combo. ;)

stella is my bff

Stella hasn't gotten a new sweater since I knit her a beautiful cabled aran for our engagement photo-shoot almost two years ago. Amazingly, that sweater still looks terrific. Even though its been covered in mud and thrown into the washer and dryer many, many times the Green Label Aran weight yarn really holds up! She was even sprayed by a skunk in that sweater... Thank goodness the smell washed out.

Her fall 2011 sweater was knit using one skein of Green Label in Midnight, and one giant skein of hanspun. I used the leftover of both yarns to make myself the matching hat (using Grammy's pattern of course).  Now we're totally ready for the cool fall weather.


Ravelry project page here.