Thursday, 13 October 2011

I'm a weaver!

first woven scarf - I'm in love

I bought myself a pre-Christmas gift and it arrived in the mail the other day. Yay! I got the Schacht Cricket Loom. I was going to ask for it for Christmas, but then I rationalized that if I bought it myself I could use it to make Christmas gifts! Somehow that made perfect sense to me so I went ahead and clicked the "buy now" button. I'm happy that I did! 

I know absolutely nothing about weaving, but with the help of the instruction manual and a few helpful youtube video's I had my loom set up and was weaving in no time. I made this scarf out of Kureyon Sock Yarn in colourway S92 in just one night. I even set it up on my lap in front of the tv, I call it "sofa-looming". (even though I'm pretty sure it's called weaving, not looming. But looming sounds funnier!)

The scarf is definitely not perfect, but look at those colours... It's stunning! The rough edges give it a bit of a rustic quality that I really like. I see loads more woven scarves in my future. 

first woven scarf - I'm in love

I've started on some Christmas knitting too (it can't be all Christmas weaving after all.) The multicoloured pair in the photo below are intentionally blurry, they just might be the ugliest socks I've ever knit... I hope my new sister in law doesn't mind! The navy pair are for my brother, he loves hand knit socks! This pair is in TFA blue label in a one of a kind colourway. I'm knitting a simple 2x1 rib with one cable that will flow down the side. I'll mirror it on the second sock.  

Christmas socks in progress

I don't plan on doing a ton of knitting this year, I've gifted so many knits in the past and I worry that my family is tired of getting a new pair of socks every year. I've decided to take all of the time and energy that I would normally put into knitting a gift into coming up with a thoughtful and useful purchased gift instead. 

Or maybe I'll just weave a bunch of scarves...