Thursday, 20 October 2011

Secret knitting?

A few bits of interesting TFA news to share today:
  • Julie is spearheading a January 2012 TFA Knitalong over on the TFA Ravelry group. It will be tons of fun, I will be participating for sure in some way. Maybe I'll give myself a design challenge! There will be prizes I'm sure... head on over and join in the excitement!
  • The 2011 TFA Year In Colour Club is wrapping up. Whew! What an exciting inaugural year this has been! 2011 memberships will remain open until the end of October, at which point the 2011 memberships will close and 2012 will open. 2012 will be formatted exactly the same way as 2011, 6 custom colourways of fingering weight yarn, 6 exclusive designs. There will be a few upgrades, but I'll fill you in on all the juicy details towards the end of the month.  

Terracotta Sneak Peek!

Now that we've got the official business portion of this blog post done, I have a question for all my lovely readers. First, let me explain, this year I've started doing something new, I've started doing "secret knitting." I never thought that I would be working on anything so important that I'd have to keep it a secret... but it's happened! Sometimes it's because I'm test knitting a pattern for a friend, so I can't share it until the pattern is ready. Sometimes my secret knitting is my own pattern, and though I don't always keep my patterns-in-progress a complete secret its nice to let the details of the pattern be revealed only when the pattern is officially ready. What do you think? Do you like to see designs in progress or be surprised by a big, exciting pattern reveal? I think I like to see the pattern come together, get snippets of what to look forward to as the designer progresses, I'd love to hear your feedback on this "secret knitting" issue.

One of my secret projects this summer was a sweater design that I was working on. I knit it in my new Brick colourway, I've had it finished for months and have actually gotten quite a bit of use of of it (I am wearing it today and had Chris snap a photo of me in my new fall uniform). I procrastinated forever and the pattern is finally in the test knitting phase, I'm hoping to have it ready in a matter of weeks. Ooh! I almost forgot! I have another pattern that has already complete the test knitting phase and will be ready even sooner, so stay tuned for that too! 

Isn't autumn just the best for perking up your knitting mojo?