Sunday, 26 September 2010

Website Updates

Wow! You people sure do love a giveaway! I'm floored by all the comments! I am touched that so many of you stop by to check out what I'm doing, thanks so much! Remember, the giveaway is open until Friday, so if you haven't already done so head on over and leave a comment for your chance to win!

Speaking of winning and giveaways, I recently won a giveaway myself! And it completely made my day. I won a book from the Through the Loops blog. In return I sent Kristen some of my yarn, and a new knit-blogger friendship was born! I can't wait to start her TTL mystery sock knit-a-long. Are you all participating? I've never done a KAL but am very excited about it.

The past couple of days Chris and I have been extremely busy doing some house keeping of sorts. Not house cleaning, our house is still a mess, but the website looks good!

We've been updating the website. You can now find Glenna C's Allons-Y shawl pattern as well as a link to my Prism Shawl pattern on the patterns page. We've also added the notecards to the website, which has me very excited. My mail is usually just a stack of bills... yuck! I love it when every once in a while a friend brightens up my mail with a lovely little card or letter, it would be the cherry on top if that little note were written on a lovely knitterly card!

Another major update was to add a bit more info to the Clubs page. I've finally ironed out just about every last wrinkle in my plan to launch a club for 2011! I am extremely excited about it and will have all the details for you in the coming weeks. We've got some amazing designers lined up, people that I was nervous to even approach because I thought for sure that they would say no. Subscriptions will be available starting in October. I'll be sure to keep you all up to the minute on developments.

While we were at it I also went ahead and made a little improvement or two to this good ol' blog of mine. I've created a new page where I'll be adding each new FO as I finish them along with a link to the FO post. From now on in my FO posts I'm going to make sure to include all the pertinent information about the project, like needle size, yarn, links to previous posts about the project and to my Ravelry project page etc. It's been fun putting all my projects together on one page. I've only done an FO's 2010 page so far, but I will probably be doing one for 2009 soon. I just love being organized.