Thursday, 2 September 2010

Purple Scarf update

My scrappy scarf is coming along very nicely. It is by no means a quick knit, but its simple and repetitive and I've really gotten into the linen stitch groove. Plus all those colour changes is more then enough to keep me entertained.

I've added two colours to my original purple-pink leftover scrap scheme:

The orangey-pink adds a new pink tone that just made sense, and the aqua is just for fun. I've only done two rows of aqua so far, you can barely see it, but it kind of breaks up the sea of purples and adds a little kick. It's subtle, but I know its there and I like it.

I've worked about 4" and plan on continuing to 6". I've already finished off 5 of my colours but am sure that I'll have enough of the remaining yarns to reach my 6" goal. I love the textured fabric that this stitch pattern creates. Its dense and a bit squooshy and will certainly be super warm and cozy come scarf-wearing season.