Sunday, 19 September 2010

Branching Out

Back in April, on a day when I desperately needed a quick and easy project, I grabbed one skein of my Yellow Label DK weight yarn in Blueberry and cast on for this long and skinny scarf. The Branching Out pattern is simple and easy to memorize, I knit until I had run out of yarn, it took two days and I had a scarf!
Branching Out

It's long (I didn't measure it exactly, but I held it up over my head and it touched the floor. I'm 5'3", so the scarf is longer than that) and it's skinny. Perfect for wrapping around your neck several times before heading out in a chill. I don't know why it took so long to blog about it. I think it's because I didn't block it until August, I didn't take FO shots until last week, and even then I didn't want to blog it right away because I kind of live in fear that I'll have a week where I have nothing to blog about... so I like to keep an FO like this in my pocket in case that happens. The thing is, at a certain point, it's just more annoying knowing that I have projects that I haven't blogged about just looming over me... I have some sort of problem, I don't consider a project officially finished until it's been blogged. Kind of strange isn't it? Knitting must have been so different before digital cameras and blogs.

Tonight I'm casting on for a new pair of socks. I'm knitting them out of this lovely skein:

It's a skein of Socks that Rock mediumweight. I've never used mediumweight before, but the person I'm knitting these socks for is ALWAYS cold, so I figured that the thicker yarn could certainly do no harm. The colourway is called My Wild Irish Girlie and it was the March shipment of the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rockin' Sock Club. It certainly has been fun waiting for my package to arrive every month!