Tuesday, 7 September 2010

TFA Tuesday - Fleury's Squamish

If the point of TFA Tuesday is to inspire knitters (myself included) to want to knit, then this week's selection is a home run. As soon as I decided to post this shawl as this week's project, I also decided to cast on for the exact same shawl myself, only mine will be in Deep Sea.

This is the beautiful Haruni Shawl knit by Fleury in TFA Purple Label Cashmere sock yarn in the Jewel colourway. You already know that I love this pattern, in fact I knit it earlier this summer. Normally I take a bit of time off before repeating a pattern, I usually need a break, but not from this one. I've cast on for a second shawl already, and this one will be for me! The first one will be gifted.

Fleury's version is beautiful! And because she knit a smaller version she was able to complete the entire shawlette with only one skein of yarn, always an A+ in my books!