Tuesday, 14 September 2010

TFA Tuesday - Glenna C's Allons-Y

We're back from the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitter's Fair. As always it was fun and exciting and exhausting and overwhelming all at the same time! Mom and I are getting used to it, but it was Chris's first show, I'm not sure he was mentally prepared for the chaos that ensues when you put thousands of knitters in one room with lots of yarn!

Saturday morning of the K-W fair brought with it the appearance of the always lovely Glenna C. as well as a beautiful new pattern designed by her, for me! It was love at first sight. What's not to love about a simple, one skein shawlette, especially when the one skein has cashmere in it!

Glenna has been a very busy lady lately, check out her blog to see 3 new designs that have popped up all within the past couple of weeks! This is the Allons-Y pattern, you can read more about it here on her blog or here on her Ravelry project page. The pattern is currently available on Ravelry and patternfish and will be on my website soon!

This sample was knit of out my Purple Label Cashmere sock yarn in the Poppy colourway. I think that it's the first full piece I've seen in real life knit out of this colurway and well, I have to say, it looks awesome! I know I usually lean towards the blues, but for all you red people out there, this is the colour for you!

And cashmere! What could be better to wrap around your neck now that the cooler days of fall are upon us?

I snapped the photo below this morning, I was getting organized to take some close ups of a few FO's, including Glenna's beautiful Allons-Y. My own cashmere Haruni shawl is finished and being blocked (more on that another day) and I took this messy shot of the shawl and linen stitch scarf just sitting there. I was struck by how intensely red and vivid Poppy is. I know this photo isn't particularly interesting, but I just can't get over how the Poppy shawl almost looks like it's glowing!

Happy knitting! Go hug some cashmere if you can.