Friday, 10 July 2009

Whispers in the wind

Way back in October, before I even began to plan my spinning wheel purchase, I started hoarding hand dyed fibers. I bought this lovely little number from DK Knits, it's romantically called Whispers in the Wind.

Last week I began spinning it and ended up with this great 4 oz skein of dk weight handspun yarn!

Finally! I spun very carefully this time and managed to get 270yds! That's 100yds more than I was getting in my previous attempts.

This is enough yarn to really make something out of. Because of it's soft, subtle, muted rainbow shades I think that it would make a really cute baby sweater. I'm thinking a Baby Surprise Jacket, and in case I don't have enough yarn, I'll just trim it out in a coordinating skein of my own Yellow Label DK weight yarn. I've made a vow to not spin any more yarn until I cast on for at least one project from my current stash of handspun. We'll see if I stick to it...