Friday, 17 July 2009

Another post about colours

I didn't realize until recently what a major role colour plays in many aspects of my life. Obviously I'm a fan of colour, I make a living by adding colour to yarns that have none. But more and more I've noticed that some major decisions are made based on colour. Chris and I chose our wedding reception venue, our church and our wedding date all based on colour! We were seriously considering a fall wedding, but when push came to shove I couldn't imagine a fall colour scheme working for me, reds, oranges, ochres are just so not me, so instead we chose a spring date where we would surround our day with blues and and greens.

My friend Katie is knitting this blanket with my Green Label yarn, and this is her colour palette:

See some of her work in progress shots here. I really like it, especially for her, these colours together really remind me of her, orange, moss, brown, very Katie. You may have noticed a new colour in the mix, that's a chartreuse, yet to be properly named, Katie requested it, and since it really makes the palette work, I complied. I think it may become a new regular.

Then there's me, working on a baby blanket design, this is my colour palette:

I have a feeling I'm about due to get into one of those moods where I think that everything I ever do is blue, so I make an effort to use colours that I wouldn't normally choose, and then everything I do for a month is orange. The blanket is coming along nicely, I'll have it finished by the end of the weekend I think. It's a fun simple way to show off whatever colour palette you happen to like!

Isn't my orchid lovely? Nothing to do with knitting, but still pretty.