Tuesday, 14 July 2009

New shop look

I don't know what happened, but I've suddenly been hit by a huge wave of inspiration and motivation! I'm working on 3 Tanis Fiber Arts original designs, none of which are finished, but all of which are showing promise. I decided that my shop needed to look more professional, so I got Chris to make me a real banner with my logo on it to replace my original "temporary" photoshopped image.

While he was at it he made a little avatar for me, in case you don't speak etsy-lingo (which I don't really), your avatar is the little image that pops up next to your name, it's the visual representation of you on Etsy, so I thought it should look polished too.

Now I've let him take a short break to go for a bike ride, and when he gets back we're going to work on creating a few more custom TFA items to spruce up my packaging. I'm thinking a TFA post card, a return address stamp, some stickers, maybe a coupon...