FO's 2011

Koigu Saroyan - leaf detail
Koigu Saroyan, blogged here.

Handspun yoke sweater
Dark and Stormy Sweater, blogged here.

TFA Pattern: Spring, blogged here.

TFA Pattern: Summer, blogged here.

Braid detail
Braided headband, blogged here.

I Heart Aran
TFA pattern: I Heart Aran, blogged here.

Hats and Mitts
TFA pattern: Grammy's Hats and Mitts, blogged here.

Toe Up Socks, blogged here.

Wispy Cardigan
Silk Wispy Cardigan, blogged here.

Plain toe-up socks
Spring Socks, blogged here.

Maile baby sweater with pretty flower buttons
Maile baby sweater, blogged here and here.

Cashmere Baby Sweaters
TFA Pattern: Sunnyside Baby Sweater, blogged here.

Chris lovin' his new Brownstone Pullover!
Chris' Brownstone, blogged here.

Mmmm... depth of field.
Flowers in the Snow, blogged here.

Garter Stitch scarf - Knit with TFA Yellow Label scraps
Blue Striped Scarf, blogged here.

Granny Square Baby Blanket.
Granny Square Baby Blanket, blogged here

Clara Dress - pretty wind
Clara, blogged here

Clara Dress
Clara #2, blogged here

River Rapid Socks - TFA Purple Label in Teal
River Rapid Socks, blogged here

Stockholm Scarf, blogged here

TFA pattern: Ombre cardigan, blogged here

TFA pattern: Adelia, blogged here

Brownstone Cardigan
Chris' Brownstone Cardigan, blogged here.

Dahlia - ooh! the back.
Dahlia Sweater, blogged here

Stella's Handspun Sweater and my matching hat, blogged here.

first woven scarf - I'm in love
First Woven Scarf, blogged here.

Fairview Scarf
TFA Pattern: Fairview Scarf, blogged here.

Boy socks for Christmas
Luke's socks, blogged here

Velvet Morning
Velvet Morning, blogged here.

Cabled Canuck - Dove
TFA Pattern: Cabled Canuck, blogged here.

Windward beanie - one of a kind colourway
TFA Pattern: Windward, blogged here

Dino Wee Balaclava
Dino Wee Balaclava, blogged here.

Cobalt Julissa, blogged here.

Gramps Cardigan with Hunter Hat
Gramps cardigan and Hunter Hat, blogged here.

Business Casual sock pattern
TFA Pattern: Business Casual socks, blogged here.

Millwater Scarf
Millwater inspired, blogged here.

Perfection in a teeny-weeny sweater
Perfect Gramps cardigan, blogged here