Monday, 14 April 2014

Ombre stairs

We undertook a major basement renovation last year. It was big, it was messy, it took forever, but now that it's done it has been amazing and I'm so glad that we did it and have added a whole other floor of living space to our home. The reno was completed a year ago, and yesterday I finally put the finishing touches on the stairs! They are the original stairs and are solid functional, perfectly fine stairs, but they were painted this shade of mossy green that I just really can't stand. So I figured it was about time that I make use of my colour mixing skills to mix up a few blue/green shades and paint the risers in an ombre effect! 

Of course, I'm no master basement/low-light photographer, so trust me that in real life the gradient is more pronounced than it looks in this photo. 

Below is the before shot:
(I've purposefully made it smaller because I don't want a massive image of my ugly old stairs mucking up my pretty blog)

I'm very pleased to have officially ridded my house of that particular shade of puce. The awesome thing is this project cost only a few dollars to complete as I already had the black paint, the white paint, 2 shades of turquoise (the darkest and the lightest) and just bought a medium green/blue shade to mix with my light and dark to create a 5 colour gradient. It was fun. 
I'm trying to take a more casual approach to my home decorating these days. We've done some major projects that needed to be taken seriously and done right, but now it's all about putting our personal stamp on things and I'm having fun just playing. Next up on the list now that the weather is improving is finally tackling the office!