Friday, 9 November 2012

November KAL - Abby's Heart Hat


My first Holiday Knitting KAL project is complete! This is the first of 4, I'm well on my way to having 4 more gifts ready to cross off my shopping list. What a feeling! Only 6.5 weeks left... yikes!

This hat is for my God-daughter Abby who will be turning 7 on December 7th. The pattern is a mash-up between my Grammy's Hat pattern (for the stitch count, decreases and proportions) and #27 Heart Hat from Knit.1 Winter 06/07 by Linda Cyr for the overall look and ear flap recipe. Back in '06, I knit a hat just like this one for my sister. At the time she was a figure skating coach and when she wore this hat on the ice all of the little girls she was teaching went crazy for it! I hope that means that Abby will love it too. 

I modified the earflaps slightly to make them rounder and more "cartoon-heart-shaped". I also added the crochet trim to add a bit more polish. Overall, this was a super fun project. Plenty of interest and detail (fair-isle, i-cord, pom-pom's, crochet, sewing) but in a small and manageable scale so by the time it became tedious it was already finished.  


I am currently having a love affair with pom-pom's. I have a fool proof method for perfect pom-poms that I'll be sharing soon. I'm considering making myself a little holiday pom-pom garland for my mantle. This is the first year that I have a mantle to decorate for the holidays! Exciting!

Ravelry project page here