Thursday, 29 November 2012

Lining Mittens

There will be an Etsy Update on Monday, Dec. 3 at 12pm (noon) EST featuring exclusively Thrummed Mitten Kits! If you missed the last update this is your chance to nab one! All orders placed on Monday will ship on Tuesday and will arrive in time for Christmas.


I've been on a real mitten kick lately! Seriously, I've knit 4 pairs of mittens in the past 2 weeks or so, add to that the crazy Thrummed Mitten Kit excitement and my life is basically all mitts, all the time... and frankly, I'm completely ok with that. Mitts are the best. You can never have too many. 

Anyways, I've recently completed my latest mitt design (blurry, secretive photo's above!) and I'm very pleased with it. These mitts are beautiful, wintery and warm, what more could you ask for? I knew when I set out to design these mitts that I wanted to knit them in DK weight yarn and line them in Cashmere sock yarn. I love the look and feel of lined mitts, but up until now I thought that I hated lining mitts! I've knit 3 pairs of Fiddlehead Mitten's and only one pair managed to get a lining. Stranded mitts are doubly warm already, so you could argue that the lining is overkill (I wear my non-lined FMK's all winter long with no problem). But to me, the beauty of the lining comes from the fact that it hides all the floats, so there is no concern about snagging fingers or jewelry. Also, a lining that is really neatly picked up from the inside edge of a mitt is really a thing of beauty. There is essentially no wrong side to these mitts, it's all hidden between two beautiful layers of stitches. 

So, yeah, I've hopped on the mitt lining train in a big way. Cashmere lined mitts are pretty much the best. 

This pattern will be available soon!